Mission & Vision

The re-discover of the Apostle's Order, structure and last command of Our Jesus Christ, was to establish the church upon Him. Because of this demand and standard, Bishop Robert L. Carter was led by God to establish this New Testament order of the church and to provide pastors, churches and ministries with the foundation of the New Testament Church.

The clear Bible supported message for this New Testament Church is prepared in a book title "Exposition of the Kingdom and the Church" A Biblical Perspective on New Testament Teaching and Procedures developed by Chief Apostle, Bishop J. L. Payne of the Churches of God In Christ, USA in Jackson, MS. The teaching of 'Holiness' was a peculiar and distinctive feature of this early movement and brought about a move of God worldwide.

In spite of the drift away from sound doctrine, there were those who will "earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" (Jude1:3). When the church drifts away from the faithful practice of the Apostle's Doctrine, the burden falls upon the faithful to revive that 'faith.' In the years given to us, we must give ourselves to that burden of revival in the Church. Christ is coming soon! We are faced with actions in deed, testimony and faith. Our efforts are to function in unity of the faith. With the worldwide vision and burden, the church, have declared a passion for lost men and women everywhere.

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